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Town Weighs Eminent Domain Of Parcel Pitched For Hardware Store

August 12th 2020 12:54AM
A virtual public hearing was held Tuesday to discuss the possible eminent domain of a 1.75 acre property located at 12500 Main Road in Mattituck, ...

How Community-Driven Analytics Promotes Data Literacy in Enterprises

August 12th 2020 12:11AM
Furthermore, domain experts and business leaders must be able to generate their own content, build off of content created by others and promote high- ...

Eminent domain debated at public hearing for Brinkmann property in Mattituck

August 12th 2020 12:11AM
More than two dozen community members spoke during Tuesday's virtual hearing, the majority speaking in support of the town's use of eminent domain.

Sutherland Domain Prestige Property August 12

August 11th 2020 10:30PM
Sutherland Domain Prestige Property August 12. NEED TO KNOW: Address: 2 Butler Close, Menai; Features: Five bedrooms, three bathrooms, three ...

St George Domain House of the Week August 12

August 11th 2020 10:24PM
St George Domain House of the Week August 12 NEED TO KNOW: Nestled on the shores of Woolooware Bay this family residence exemplifies the ...

Two 0-Days Under Active Attack, Among 120 Bugs Patched by Microsoft

August 11th 2020 9:11PM
Tsang wrote, “CVE-2020-1472 is an elevation-of-privilege vulnerability where a connection to a vulnerable domain controller using the Netlogon ...

Efty teams up with Dan.com, also introducing marketplace

August 11th 2020 9:00PM
The domain name industry creates strange bedfellows. For example, you might look at Efty.com and Dan.com as competitors. Both offer landing page ...