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Nonprofits Worry About the Sale of Dot-Org Domain Registry

January 24th 2020 5:48PM
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The company that controls the dot-org online universe is putting the registry of domain names up for sale, and the nonprofits ...

Google Researchers Find Data Leaks In Apple Safari ITP Technology

January 24th 2020 5:37PM
When Safari notices a website sending a cross-site resource request, it increases an internal counter for the domain from which the resource is loaded ...

Analysis: What Are Illness / Outbreak Domain Names Worth?

January 24th 2020 5:15PM
Some are probably registered by entities offering information about the illness, while others are registered by speculators who believe these domain ...

Half Surge Gave Radix a Record Breaking Year for Premium Domain Sales Revenue in 2019

January 24th 2020 5:15PM
Radix has released their latest semi-annual report (.pdf file) detailing the new gTLD registry operator's premium domain sales results for the second ...

NamesCon sets dates for summer show in Budapest

January 24th 2020 5:03PM
Domain investing conference will hold its 2020 summer show in Budapest. Picture of budapest with the words "NamesCon Budapest" in front.

Pablo Escobar's family is selling his intellectual property for $1.9 million

January 24th 2020 5:03PM
Last year, Pablo Escobar's heirs won control of the domain name PabloEscobar.com. Now they are putting the domain and the late Colombian drug ...

Does Your Domain Have a Registry Lock?

January 24th 2020 4:41PM
If you're running a business online, few things can be as disruptive or destructive to your brand as someone stealing your company's domain name ...